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Everything from paramotor to 6 cylinder engines

We created something wich works for you when you built or just simply pilot your dream flying machine

Tired of those bulky, heavy steam gauges ? Want something which feather light saving you space for useful load ? Are you building a part 103 ultralight and tight to fit in the weight limit? This is something for you.

Three different electronics available to connect your Phone or Tablet by Bluetooth:

  • Single cylinder engines

  • Two cylinder engines (obsolete now , please buy 2020 version for 2 cyl)

  • Two -Four to Six cylinder engines  New 2020 version!

Two cylinder enin instrument electronics EFIS
Paramotor engine instrument electronics
Single cylinder
Two cylinder

PLS BUY 2020 version !

NEW 2020 version !

2-4-6 cylinder

The app which works with scalable flight instrument electronics

Experimental aircraft EFIS for 6 cylinder egine
Paramotor engine instrument
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      New 2020 hardware !
      2-4-6 cylinder version

Pioneering Experimentals and Homebuilts

We designed something what we like to use and always happy to hear your ideas

Fast Performance

The central sensor panel is connected by Bluetooth and it refreshes screen 10 times in every second.


Use our e-mail address or social media sites for supprt


The product is not certified, only can be used on aircrafts where owners and pilots are using it for their own risk. We dont accept any sort of claim and damage due malfunctions. Make sure you always capable to fly your aircraft without any instruments.

Four cylinder engine managemet Android EFIS
Four cylinder EFIS with Artifical horizon

Full scale EFIS

Personalize Your Aircraft and Engine parameters

Colored limits and warning thresholds could be set on each gauges. You may set your high and low parameters in every instruments. Our electronics handles the followings (three models varies in features)

  •  Cylinder Head Temperature

  • Exhaust Gas Temperature

  • Oil Temperature

  • Coolant Temperature

  • Oil Pressure

  • Manifold Pressure

  • Engine RPM

  • Rotor RPM (For gyroplanes)

  • Fuel level

  • Fuel Flow

  • Battery voltage

  • Total engine time

Flight parameters

Our electronics are coming with pressure sensors for airspeed, altitude, vertical speed indication. Compass , Ground speed , and GPS altitude is provided by the phone or tablet sensors.

Artificial horizon is using the tablet"s own gyroscope sensor.

Requirements  for tablets
Six cyliner experimental engine electronics EFIS

You may use any tablets landscape or portrait mode. Our software requires the followings

  • Android 4.2 up

  • Gyroscope

  • Bluetooth

  • E-compass

  • GPS


Android IOS engine management system EFIS

Clear indication of colors if something is about to go wrong.

" OK... so do I need an other tablet for Navi software and for Wingman EFIS ?  "
No !,  you can run a split screen on your android to use your favourite Navi software and Wingman at the same time !

About us

Flying enthusiasts to flying enthusiasts

Sky Laboratories Ltd was founded in 2003 and in the past 15 years our bread and butter is design and manufacture innovative electronics for security business. Our fire and alarm panel communicators provides multi path communications for homes, enterprises and high security buildings such as shopping malls and Banks.
Using tablets in aviation is a growing trend. There are many navigation application but almost no any app which provides possibility to display sensors for engine and other parameters. We are hoping to be the first and leading company in this field.
Peter Koszegi the CEO and Managing director of the company started to fly gliders when he was 17, In the last 35 years he still remained a "bit crazy" about PPG, UL, and PPL flying. Peter owns and maintains small airplanes and pioneering engine conversions for experimental aircrafts. Peter is proud member of EAA, Experimental Aircraft Association

Our team believes that there is a need to help experimental and home builders with an instrument which cost remarkably less than any other certified EFIS replacing second hand steam gauges,

What People are Saying

Thanks for our customers sharing their view

I installed the EFIS into my BMW engined trike, I am just a flying fan, with not a lot of knowledge but this surprises me how nicely and completly built.

I use this product in my Zodiac 601 and I love it.

I used the one of the first devices of EFIS in my trike  and support was always fast and responsive.

Tamas Szigeti

Ferenc Toth

Attila Hrubos

Order your EFIS or ask tech support


Distributiors / Product avalability
Hungary     -     Interfly PPG  / Paramotor     Budaörs Airport         Ferenc Halász     +36 30 9413999

USA -  Team Minimax/ EFIS           2030 Lake Street Niles Michigan 49120  +1  269-262-0866

SK, CZ, PL, RU, UKR, UK    Paragan / Paramotor      Ladzianského 12 Bratislava 83101 SK  +421905 614 135

We want to hear from you!

To order your device please download your comparison chart with price list, select your items and send your order to us.

sales at skylaboratories dot com

Somloi 9A, Mogyorod 2146 , Hungary

Visit us at:

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Split scren EFIS with navigation
Split screen IOS ANDROID EFIS with Navigation
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